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My 4 by 40 quest- I FOUND A GROUPON!! Thanks to you wonderful people I have raised the funds needed for my 4 by 40 Skydiving Trip. I am going to push just a little more to sweeten the deal- I only need 65.00 more to take Pete with me on this plummet to earth. Even if you aren't so much into celebrating my brithday I know there are some of you that would love to see him take the jump.
With 145.00 I can take Pete with me AND I can get pictures of it all. For 175.00 I can take Pete with me and get pictures AND video of it.
What'cha say? Just a few dollars....

Here's the long sloppy link to donate.
*Edit- Mady a tide link for it

Pretty pretty please.....
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I am on a quest!
Four pretty major life things by the time I turn 40 at the end of this month.
The 4 things are:
1) "Professional Actor Tool Kit" Completed. This means a reel, headshots and up-to-date resumes. I have the reel. I have some resume edits to do but that will be done this week/end. Headshots have been taken by the wonderful

[ profile] moonbird and as soon as they are edited they will be off to the printer (thanks to Pete for that being my Christmas gift).

2) New Skill added to my resume. For that, my wonderful friend Amy is going to be working one on one with me for some stage combat training.

3) Leave the contiguous 48 states. It is something I have never done. Pete and I have plans in the work to try to make a long weekend trip and drive to Canada.

4) Go skydiving.

It is the last two for which I need your help. Both of these things cost a pretty penny so I am asking for donations to the cause of living a fuller life. Please, if you are compelled to give me something for my birthday do this. I don't need more things. I don't need more drinks or dinners. In lieu of any of that please toss a few bucks into here so I can have a good vacation and jump out of an airplane.

And, as added incentive a few things-
Anyone who donates will get my undying gratitude.
Anyone who donates at least 25.00 I will write something for you. A short story, a poem, a haiku, a special fortune cookie message- I don't know. Bout you get a writing that is all yours.
Anyone who donates at least 50.00 bucks I'll make you a video. Maybe I'll sing you a song. Maybe I'll put on a puppet show. Again- I don't know. But it will be a video just for you to say thank you for supporting me in this and helping me to reach these goals.

So, if you would, please toss a few coins in the hat.
I will live more fully. I will go on an adventure. I will take pictures and write stories. I will have a little more life experience that will help me be a better actor.
And I will have the best 40th birthday a gal could have.
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There is a Brand New!! item on and it is the new number one, all important, desperately desired item on my wish list. (It is the same thing on your list too, you just might no know it yet.)

What is this wonderful thing?
High Midnight the first novel from up and coming writer Rob Mosca
Rob is a wonderful man and a brilliant writer. I have been following him on LJ for years and his creative ramblings never disappoint.

You should click links now to make this book your purchase for my birthday and become my new favorite person. While there you should also purchase a copy for yourself or you will be sad. And you should purchase copies for everyone you like. Then you will also become their new favorite person as well.

Something you might not know is that Rob delayed the release of this publication so it would deliver near my birthday. Granted, he will tell you that it was due to formatting issues and a few other technical things. But we all know better. ;-) *

*Yes, I totally made that part up.
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Opening night went pretty well. Of course, I awoke Sat. morning feeling awful. Today I feel worse. But, it is nothing that rest and lots of fluids won't fix. We have 3 more shows and I want them to be stellar and fun and dynamic and so many other things. I am working with a great cast, we have a wonderful director and our AD is super dedicated so I think it will just keep getting better. I really hope I didn't get any of them sick.

Dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday...
So, my biggest wish is that I will feel better fast, do more great shows and have some amazing auditions in the interim so I am move right into the next project.
Since those things are really up to me here is a bit more of my birthday wish list which others can help me with since I don't have the means to do them for myself...

I have an Amazon list. It makes things easy. And don't forget that lots of the things you see there you can probably find cheaper on ebay or

A more specific list...some from the amazon list but I really really want them so I am pointing them out. Some of them aren't on amazon. I call it The Easy Dozen

1) Dead Sno  It is funny. It is gorey. It is Nazi Zombies.

2) Pontypool  It is creepy. It is gorey. It is the power of language.

3) Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and Android Karenina- They are from the same brilliant and twisted mind that brought you Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Do I need more of a reason?

4) I want to go Skydiving. In Atlanta maybe. I just want to go. It would be such a thrill and it would certainly count as something for my "Grand Adventure" goals.

5) Tickets to see EvelynEvelyn/ Amanda Palmer/ Jason Webley in Chicago. Sure, the event is long after my birthday but tickets are on sale now.  In that same light I would really like Deluxe Double Vinyl EvelynEvelyn set. Since I am one of the few people on the face of the earth who actually still has a working turn table it just makes sense.

6) An appointment for massage or acupuncture. This place is educational so they have rather inexpensive options.

7) Gift cards. Target, PetCo, Fandango/ Kersotes theater- there are tons of options. Target and Petco are more practical but I rarely get to go to the movies (and there are several out now I want to see) so that would be a wonderful little treat.

8) Tires for my car. What can I say, I need them. I can't afford them. They would mean safety for me and for others....

9) Headshot prints. I still really need to get back to the ATL to get together with [ profile] moonbird and/ or [ profile] smithrunt to get some color headshots taken. But, in the meantime I really really could use copies of my black and white ones.

10) Bath Bombs. One of the indulgences I like so much is quality time in a long hot bath. Lush Bath bombs make them so much more relaxing and delightful.

11) A telescopic shower head. I had one of these before and it was amazing. It is so much better than a normal fixed shower head. I just...yeah. It is a good thing.

12) These boots. Or one that look pretty much just like them. (black, lace up, low/ no heel, rounded toe...) Size 7. :-) It's spring. That means baggy dresses and boots. Or tank top, cargo pants and boots. These are the perfect boots.  (Speaking of that, [ profile] thefairygothmom, did you ever unsurface the post-surgery dresses you were working on for me when moved? If they are around I would still love them. :-)  )

So, there it is...
Now, my sickie self is back to bed.
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Ok, Thanksgiving is over. It is now acceptable to talk about the winter holidays...Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, which ever you prefer. I will be making a few posts about this.

First, the greedy one. My Top 10 Wish List!!! We all have one. This is by no means an expectation of gifts. But, it also never hurts to ask. :-) It may also help you think of gifts for others.

1) Money. Crass? Maybe. But, I still have thousands of dollars in medical bills to pay...and that is after insurance. Money (and visa/ master card gift cards) are useful for a ton of things from bills to food to entertainment. Giving someone a gift like this doesn't mean you aren't thinking about them. It means you are empowering them to make their own choices.

2) Gift cards to Target, Petsmart: Ok, it is like cash. But it is more specific. It still allows for purchasing of thing that can be practical or whimsical.

3) Gift cards to Fandango/ Kerasotes, Netflix: Maybe the purely practical thing isn't your bag. Maybe you think that gift giving it so that people can have things they might not typically get for themselves. Maybe you think a gift is something that should be for fun and and not for practicality. Entertainment gift cards do just that while still letting the person get something they know they want.

4) An appointment for massage or acupuncture. :Let's face it, life is stressful. The holidays even more so. I won't even start on all I have had to face this year or the reasons why the holidays are even more depressing than normal. (My regular readers are already aware of most of it anyway.) Giving someone the gift of health and relaxation is truly a beautiful thing.

5) Tiny Ornaments. Ok this one is probably just me. See, a couple of years ago my mother got me a tiny pre-lit Christmas tree. (I think it is an 18" tree. ) I wasn't that excited about it at the time because I have never been that in to decorating for Christmas. Now, I want to. This is something that is important to my mother- keeping some feel of holiday joy no matter what the circumstances- I see it a little differently now. I want to set up my tiny tree and decorate it with some tiny ornaments. And they don't have to be Christmas themed. I used to have a couple of packs of tiny resin Halloween Ornaments. Sadly, they were all lost over the years. :-(

6) the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron. Yeah, I know, too much time with late night infomercials. But this product has gotten great reviews. And I think it would be a wonderful way to encourage me to embrace the much needed mantra of "Get up. Dress up. Show up." Yeah, it's expensive. But hey, they are doing a buy one get one free! Maybe you want one. Or you know someone else who wants one. Two gifts knocked out with one purchase.

7) Digital Camera. This really is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. And who doesn't want memories from the holiday seasons (as well as the rest of life). As for me, I have had to pass up 3 different promo gigs in the past few months because I no longer have a digital camera. I don't need anything fancy. Just compact and functional.

8) Headshot Prints. You all want to see my acting career become functional again, right? Headshots are essential. The Oracle has offered to take some new pictures for me so I can have something current and in color. But I gotta get things printed. Ok, so this is only a good gift for the actors and model-types that you know. But if you know any this is the PERFECT gift.

9) A telescopic shower head. I had one of these before and it was amazing. It is so much better than a normal fixed shower head. I just...yeah. It is a good thing.

10) Bath bombs. Lush is the maker of many fine bath bombs. I am sure there are others out there but for the money these are the best. Personally, I don't know anyone who couldn't use a little bit of pampering. Maybe there isn't alot of time and money for such things. But a long, hot, wonderfully aromatic bath can be a wonderful band-aid for so much of the stress.

And one to grow on: 11) These boots. Or one that look pretty much just like them. (black, lace up, low/ no heel, rounded toe...) Size 7. :-)

Everyone should make an Amazon Wish list. They cover lots of places and items. You don't have to feel compelled to shop there though. Don't forget you can find many of these items cheaper on ebay and other sites. The amazon list will at least let you know what people are looking for.

Later, posts about creative people and places, holiday fun times, travel plans and family stuff. **Edit** David was kind enough to point out that I had not let people know how they could get stuff to me if they so desired... But, if one wanted to send me things- packages, holiday cards, random postcards, what ever- they can ask for my address and I will send it to them in a private message.

Or, if they prefer to deliver in person (but won't be visiting Chicago) they can see me when I come to Atlanta Dec. 11, 12 and maybe 13th. I'll be posting more later about my whereabouts and plans for that time frame.
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So, my birthday is on the 26th. I worked things out so I have the week (25-2) off. I was hoping for a lovely stay-cation followed by my friend's wedding.
Instead I get long distance planning of my mother's wake, then my friend's wedding and then my mother's wake.
Really, a shitty birthday week.

In light of that I am going to play the pity card and declare that I have earned the right to ask for stuff!!!
Two lists. The easy list and the wish for the stars list. Almost all of it is on my amazon wish list.

1) Mostly, I want my friends. I want to be surrounded by them and laugh with them and all that good stuff.
2) Acupuncture/ Massage. It is a school so it is only about 30.00 per appt.
3) My very own not-bootlegged copy of The Mad
4) Mani-pedi day.
5) Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
6) A juicer. I really want to dive deep into the Raw Food thing and this will help immensely.
7) This Showerhead. I had one before and I LOVED it.
8) Small Yoga Balls. Joke about my huge balls may now commence.
9) Repo! The Genetic Opera
10) Bath Bombs. (Special thanks to Jolie for the Sympathy gift. It will be used to its fullest potential.)
11) AMC or Regal Cinemas Gift Cards.

And wishing for the stars....
1) Headshot reprints.- They are cheap here
2) New headshots. I need some in color...
3) A new laptop. My little Veger is holding up well given her years but that isn't saying much.
4) Website/Online portfolio. I know how much it would cost me if I had to pay someone to do it so it is in the Wish Big list.
5) Tickets to some big shows here in Chicago. Really, anything. There is so much good theater here. I need to see some of it...Wicked, Spamalot, Jersey Boys...whatever.
6) Classes with the NeoFuturists. I don't think I can do this session but next session...
7) Gym Membership. Seriously, I'm fat and out of shape. I need this.
8) Self cleaning litterbox. This is something I think my kitty sitters would also appreciate.
9) Skydiving. I really need to jump out of an airplane.
10) Ink. Several of you know Loki. If you don't want to do then for me then do it for him. :-)

So, there you have it. My all out wish for it all lists. Because really, who ever thought I would make 36....
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My birthday is in a week. I have the week of my birthday off as "vacation time". I did have all these grand plans for a dinner or two, a day of beauty, an evening with the NeoFuturists... Sadly, having missed over a week of work to deal with the first stages of Mom's death all the money squirreled away for those things has to go to other bills. But, all things considered, I really need to celebrate.

Thanks to the wonderful and amazing Crazy Larry I still get to do one of the the things I had planned-
Now be careful- there are 2 Zombie Pub Crawls that day. Scroll down to the information about Weird Chicago's 3 Rings of Horror.
You have to sign up in advance and you can get the tickets here. Again, scroll down to the 3 Rings of Horror and not the regular tour. (Although the tour is definitely worth attending.) It is only 15.00 and this gets you a ride from bar to bar as well as drink specials, movies, Misfits Cover band and a ton of other fun stuff.

And you should join me. I mean, it's Saturday Night Zombie Goodness. Do you really have anything better to do?

I'll post a wish list later. Or you can just click on the link for my Amazon Wish list that is in the sidebar of my LJ...
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Ok, it is that time of year to wish. It is the time to be materialistic as well as giving. It is the time for

- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 (or 12) holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas/Yule/Kwanzaa/Channukah is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you. [Note: Your home address is not required!]

- Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ so that the holiday joy will spread.

-Surf around your friendslist (or friend's friend's, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call. There are no guarantees with this project, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive.

And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

My wishes...

Cash- It might be crass but it is also practical.
Mani/Pedi- Anywhere really. Gift certificates work. Or if you are near (or I am near you) and want to do a day out for pampering then that is good too.
Photo Editing.- I have a ton of great pictures that need to be cleaned up so I can get a portfolio together.
Website/ Online Portfolio- It might really help my work.
Headshot reprints.- They are cheap here.
Accupuncture.- Again, let's go the economic route.
Tattoo.- I really want to go to Loki in Atlanta but I am open to other suggestions.
A Laptop.- Mine is seriously on its last legs. (But she putters on and that is why I love her so.)
Vosges Candy Bars. They have so many that just look heavenly.
Coffee- Specifically Green Mountain Organic French Roast and/or Starbuck's Christmas Blend.
Bubble Bath- Not Foam bath. Actual bubble bath. Maybe even Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath...
Bath Bombs. There are some great ones here. What can I say- I likes my baths. :-)
Oh, and of course from my southern friends. White Mexican Cheese Dip. :-)

If you need an info email me and I'll fill ya in.

Now, go forth and make dreams come true...
Later, a post of some of may favorite arts and crafters to add amazing and unique touches to your holiday giving.
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Since it is officially April- the month of my birth I thought I would post my "All out wish for the Stars Birthday Wish List". (I am also posting this now since part of it is kinda time sensitive.
I know this is a list of expensive items.
But, if everyone on my F-list pitched in just one dollar then I could get a couple of them.
Imagine, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee you could make the dreams of a snow-bound Kitten come true....Where is Sally Struther when I need her?

1) Eddie Izzard Tickets. He is in Chicago May 15-17 (I would want tix for Thurs or Fri.) Just two little tickets (so I can try to find a "date").

2) Headshot Reproductions. This place offers great prices and bonus cards. 100.00 for 100 prints....50 of each of the ones I have...

3) The new Lip Service Hollywood Geisha Dress in Black. I got so many compliments on the old one I had. Alas, it is about 5 years old and was worn to threads and I have gain many pounds since then as well. (There are several places that have the dress cheaper than the Lip Service site.)

4) A new auto cleaning litter box. Sadly my litter robot isn't functioning the way it should. Time to replace. And with a more size limited option.

5) Cordless Drill. Something on my wish list for years. It is practical. I am not posting a link as there are TONS of options. Yes, my dream is a Makita. But DeWalts are great too...

6) A day of pampering. Hair, nails, massage...Again, no link as there are lots of options.

7) Color Headshots. All I have now is B/W. I need to move to a new standard for submittal to agencies for commercials and such.

8) Nice Pots and Pans. Yes, I have pots and pans. But they are all cheap and old. I love to cook. I want to cook on something nice.

9) Teledyne WaterPik Flexarm Shower head. I used to have one of these and I loved it SOOOOO much. Sadly, it was installed and removed so many times it finally got stripped out.

10) Skydiving. I want to go. I want someone to go with me. Again, no link as there are tons of options. I can fly anywhere United goes so I can come to you for the event. :-)

11) Tattoo. Send me to Loki at his new digs. I has art. I will travel.

There you have it. My 11 High Dollar "Wish for the Stars Birthday Wishlist" items.

Now, I am going for a long hot shower. I get to play with the doctors early tomorrow.
If I feel ok after then there will be laundry...oh yes- There will be laundry....
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For those who have asked...and those who haven't...
Tis the season to be greedy!
My Holiday Wish List.
This list is set up in the idea of wishing big. I don't think I'll actually get any of this but you never know unless you try...
My big 10 wishes
1) 1500.00- this is to finance a very important life project. I am not going to talk about what it is but it is really really important to my life and future. I think it is the key to my happiness.
2) A new laptop. Now then, I have every faith that Michael will be able to fix my old one. And that is fantastic. But, even when he does how long until it breaks again. I'll even be happy with anything that I can pull the hard drive from my Pavilion ze5170 out of and put it into.
3) Yoga lessons. I am not looking for years worth or anything. Just a few sessions so I can be hands on with someone to learn the correct poses and breathing. My yoga for dummies tape is nice but not perfect.
4) Acupuncture.
5) Spa day...I want to feel pretty and pampered.
6) Tattoos. A gift cert to Holy Mother or to see [ profile] piercemekhaos would do great. I have the artwork/ concepts for about 5 more pieces so the art and skin are ready.
7) Sky Diving. Yes, I want to jump out of a perfectly good plane.
8) Portable Car GPS system. I get lost allot. I need help.
9) ipod. I think I might be the only person in creation who doesn't have one.
10) Tires. The corolla needs them. I currently don't even have a functioning spare. Not smart...But there it is...

I know all of those things are way too expensive for someone to actually give me. Maybe one day I'll have a sugar daddy and I'll get those kinds of presents. For a list of more rational gifts check out my amazon wish list. Lots of stuff there under 10.00. :-)
And they gave me a nifty little button for it...

<td align="center" valign="middle">My Wish List</td><td></td>


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