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I need some help from my sewing/ crafty friends.

For DragonCon I usually get a 3'x6' piece of black foam core to serve as a backboard/ display for merchandise. WE get a new one every year as at the end of the con if can be a little beat up and even if it wasn't it isn't like Voltaire or I could take it on our flight home. I usually pick it up in my Dad's van (which he no longer has) or I have it delivered (which having it delivered to the hotel is complicated and expensive). Not to mention the fact that buying a new one every year gets costly when you add it all up.

This year I want to get a very very heavy duty piece of black fabric. I can throw in some grommets and tie it to the banisters like we did with the foam core last year. It should be easier to manage and something I can pack up and take away to use for later events.  I almost want "curtain blacks" but they are probably a bit heavier than I need, they would be too expensive, and I honestly don't think I can find them that small.

I am thinking a super heavy muslin...or some kind of upholstery material...I don't know.

So, I need suggestions.

The catch, this is something that I need to be able to get in Chicago on Monday (before I leave), in Atlanta on Wednesday (after my arrival), or something I can order this weekend (or Monday) and have delivered to Atlanta by Weds. evening or Thursday morning at the latest.

If you have suggestions of fabric to use or places to shop please let me know.


Con HO!!!!

Aug. 31st, 2006 05:26 pm
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In about an hour I am off for the final MRAP BDSM rehearsal then on to the con.
Things you should do if you are going to be at DragonCon....
1) Come by the Voltaire table to check out all of the neat new stuff and say hi.
2) Come to the ARTC performance. They only get one this year and it is wonderful. Friday 7:00pm CST (That's Con Standard Time) in Centennial I. (Just after the opening ceremonies. If you don't come- I'll cry. Really....I'll cry.
3) Voltaire on the Concourse Friday at 5:30. See how well that works out for doing that then coming to the ARTC show...see...SEE
4) Bring me coffee. I have a soft spot for Starbuck's No-Whip Mocha but beggars...choosers...just dose me with the caffeine.
5) Come to the MRAP show. I'll be wearing Bunny ears. The res of the (rather sexy) women in the cast won't be wearing much more than that. Monday at 2:30pm CST Regency 6/7
6) Friday Midnight- Voltaire's big show in the Regency Ballroom. If you miss it then you'll cry.
7) Bring me love offerings of Pringle's Cheez-um and/ or smoky bacon chips and Slim Jims. I know- it is crappy junk food but oh, how I love it and how I will love you for gifting it to me. :-)
8) Drink lots. Water and other things.
9) BATHE. Sure, it is a no-brainer but remind those who might forget. Remember the health and hygiene minimums of 2-4-1. 2 Days, 4 Meals, 1 Shower. Again, those are the minimums.

Seriously, take care of yourselves and have fun. Take care of each other and remember that a little kindness is good for your karma.
So is tipping your bartender.

*much love

See you in the Geeks



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