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I clearly need a distraction.
I want to know your thoughts of the only competition that really matters. Forget the olympics, screw those professional sporting events.. LET'S TALK MOVIES!!!
I want to know your thoughts for the Oscars.
The 'top categories' are in the poll. But, if you have thoughts about the other categories I want to hear them too. Feel free to post in the comments. (I would have covered everything but I got tired of building the poll...sorry.)

Now, this poll is who you think WILL win. We all know that it isn't necessarily who you think SHOULD win. But, if you want to share you you think should win again- to the comments!!

Oh yeah, this will be one of my rare public posts so if you know other people who are movie buffs but aren't on my f-list send them this way. And if you aren't on LJ but want to share your thoughts I am going to open up the comments for 'anonymous' posting as well. But, please, put your name on it. Why not be proud of your predictions. :-)

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Ok, I think I am working on a project. Not really sure.
Anyway, I wanted to get some input from people who work the "club scene" so I think I am going to make a poll/ survey. I can think of some pretty general questions for it.
How long have you done it? What do you do there? How old were you when you started? DO you also have a day job? Is there a "style" of the club(s) you work. Do you work at more than one club/ event. How often do you work? Do you drink and if so how much. Do you take drugs and if so what and how much.

Anyway, If you can think of anything else that might be relevant please let me know. I am kind poking a creative stick at those of us who spent (or are spending) the better part of out "adult" lives working in that environment and what we have in common and how it may have effected us.

So- a poll- feel free to post more stuff in comments.

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Convince me

Dec. 2nd, 2006 06:18 pm
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Tonight I have options.
There is Russ' Party. I have always liked his parties and I haven't seen him nearly enough of late.

There is nifty art stuff and clubbin' at S4.

Also, I am very tired.

So, do I go out and see if it makes me feel better? Do I cocoon for the night (because bad things happen in the outside world)? Should I motivate for both events? Do I just hit the party and call it a night. Do I rest up. skip the party and then hit the club?


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I have a ton of work to do.
I don't wanna.
So to waste my time and yours a poll (inspired by [ profile] tk0667

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