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Dec. 31st, 2014 08:48 am
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8 years ago I posted this" http://kittenspeaks.livejournal.com/557969.html
I had just arrived in Chicago and I was excited about so many many things. I was right to be. My 8 years here have changed me in so many ways. It took a few years but I reconnected with theater, I made a better connection with film and television, I connected with a new side of music, I connected with a man who I made my husband.

8 years

Now, as a mere 8 years have passed, I am preparing to say goodbye to Chicago. I am arranging myself for major life changes.
In the end of February Wonderful Husband™ and I will be moving to L.A.(ish).
And that isn't even the biggest change.
In the end of March Wonderful Husband™ will be moving to Japan for 13 months to work at Universal Studios Japan as part of the Harry Potter Experience (he's a wizard!!).

13 Months

It is so much to think about and prepare for and anticipate. I think about being away from him for 13 months and my heart breaks. I think about what he is sacrificing so we can both focus on our careers and not have to stress over safety jobs and I know that he, and these 13 months, are worthy of my heartbreak. I know I have to work harder than I ever have on my career to make myself worthy of this sacrifice he is making.

8 years

So many people here have touched my life. They have made me better and stronger and I will miss them. Many of them have already made that westerly move and I am excited and reassured to be joining them.

13 Months

It will be a long time to not have him as part of my day to day. There will be visits to Japan in which time I will fill my heart and my senses with him and with the newness of my first genuine foreign land.

We will spend it turning the calendar with one of my favorite theater family members and lifting glasses high in cheer of the future and of all of the love and support we have as we make this next huge step in our lives. It really couldn't be a more perfect way to make this moment.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Know that your are loved.
Happy New Year Everyone!
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...Real friends help you move bodies.
In this case I am just asking you to be a friend. :-)

Seriously, I could really use help moving. I am still hoping to move most if not all of the little stuff on Thurs and Friday. I should find out the possibility of that by Tuesday.
Saturday I am scheduled to pick up a truck at 1:30 pm. If it weren't for the stairs I could move everything by myself. But the stairs make things complicated. On the up side, there are only stairs on the "load in" side. There aren't any on the "load out" side. (Ok to be honest there are...but there are only three of them.) I am hoping that the roommate and I will get the chance to put the mattress in the alley before the move.

I managed to get a friend at work to take my shift that day so I can make this move as stress free as possible.
If all goes well I'll have my medical reimbursement or some better clothing sales before the move and there will be food and beer. If not then I promise a tasty dinner in the next month to thank everyone who helps me.

So- the Poll!!!

[Poll #1193314]

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Ok, not my soul but my clothes.
I need money. :-(
There are several things here that I hate to give up but it is practical and needed.
Check out my post in Lippy Addicts and buy my stuff...please.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 04:38 am
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Anyone free on Monday wanna help me move?
I'll buy beer. Good beer even.
There isn't anything heavy. There are just lots of little boxes to be put on and then taken off of a truck.
Loading a truck in Decatur and/ or unloading near Six Flags.

Pretty please?

Futon help

Jun. 27th, 2006 03:41 pm
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Any of my beautiful Atlanta LJ peeps with a truck (or truck type vehicle) that might be able to help me on Friday evening?

I have the chance to get a futon from the wonderful and amazing [livejournal.com profile] atomicferret. The jeep's transmission is a little too scary to drive. I could rent a truck but frankly I would rather give my 20.00 to someone I know. You wind up a little ahead of the game in gas money and karma and save few dollars and get a pair of hands to help me move it in my door.

Please please pretty please. Anyone?


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