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***Edit-DAMNIT!! Spoke too soon. Computer is doing it again...still...
Going to delete all non essential programs, rescan and start the process all over again.

Well, it seems to be ok.
*knocks on wood*

In this process I:
Rebooted countless times
Cold booted
System restore
Took apart the laptop to clean the keyboard and touchpad assembly
Ran it with external keyboard and mouse
Ran Free Windows Registry Cleaner
Installed and ran Ccleaner
Installed and ran MalwareBytes
Ripped and reinstalled the keyboard and touchpad drivers. (This wasn't easy since I have an older HP Pavilion and HP doesn't like making old drivers very accessible.)
I am not really sure which step fixed it (it was somewhere in the last 2 steps). But, at least it seems fixed for now.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and input. I really do appreciate it.
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Ok, same post as before with updates...

I need help!!
Last night, for some reason I have yet to figure, anytime I open a file or program my computer acts as if I have just told it to delete.
When I tell it "cancel" it acts as if I have done nothing.
Sometimes when I right click the "close" I can get the delete inquiry to go away.
Sometimes if I right click to open or run I can get it to do so without asking me if I want to delete.
But If I click or double click it asks me to confirm deletion.

I haven't downloaded or installed anything new.
I haven't followed any odd links to websites.
I haven't changed any settings.
AVG isn't finding a virus.

I have cold booted.
I had tried a system restore.
I booted and scanned in safe mode.
Removed and cleaned the keyboard and touchpad assembly.

When I searched online all I could find was being told that is it s bad mouse. I have a touchpad on the laptop so I tried disabling it and using an external mouse and still had the same issues.



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