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Great show opening at Gorilla Tango Theater on Saturday night.
Limited Engagement!

Don't reality TV celebs piss you off? The idea of over night success, unworthy of the limelight. What about 15 year olds dancing in lingerie, singing about their intense love on a 100 foot yacht. Yet, you're the first person in the check-out line to find out, "Who's caught with not so sexy Cellulite". Last time I checked, this revolution in the media has been a love-hate relationship for over 2 decades now.
TMI: A Hollywood Love Story, is exactly how you should break up with CelebTV.
It's ok to admit that it's over.

Showing every Saturday night in April 11:30 pm @ Gorilla Tango Theater! That's ONLY 4 SHOWS folks!! You don't want to miss out. Seating is limited so reservations are highly recommended.

Tickets are $12, for more information please call the box office at 773-598-4549 or book online:

Courtney Boxwell
Carmen Christopher
Kalina "Kitten" McCreery
C.J Tuor
Ray Ready
Keri Carpenter
Annie Litchfield
Erin Rooney
Thurston Hill

And of course the glory and shame of Celebutants Everywhere. :-)

Written and Directed by Madilynn Beck
Asst. Director: Kate Olsen
Make-up: Melissa Lynn
Photography: Alyse Liebovich
Produced by Gorilla Tango Theatre
Show Rating - R

And HEY!! Closing night the the weekend of my birthday. A sold out house would be the best gift EVER!!
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I need more pillows. Lots more. I need a couple of body pillows. That would make for a happy Kitten.
Even though I don't have quite enough pillows I am hereby referring to my bed as "the nest". With all the kitties, the electric blanket (thanks mom!!!!) and the pillows I do have it is quite the cozy little home spot.

Other places in my Chicago life...
The Fishtank- The den of [ profile] cherrybomb70's and Mr. [ profile] cherrybomb70's house. They have a fantastic glass brick bar with a soft blue light in it. There is an ultra comfy couch and I LOVE sleeping there. It is very soothing. I need to get one of those rotating fish lights to add to my mermaid dreams while I am there.

Kedzie- That is just what I use when I am anywhere in my apt other than The Nest.

Monster Central- That's work. My chilly office for the Monster industries.

Yeah, can you tell I am really kind of stir crazy from the last 4 days in bed? A little time at the office before they send me home each day and then wonderful quality time on my bathroom floor just doesn't offer the feeling of being "out".
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A few more things to shake this horrible headache...and then I am on the road to Chi-Town for a few days.
Think happy travel thoughts and if you are in the area ping me and let's get together!!!



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