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I searched the train platform for anything that could be a weapon. It didn't have to be great. Zombies were slow. The only advantage they would have is resilience and numbers.
A garbage can lid and a piece of rebar from the recent construction and I was set.
If I could make it to the car and then make it home.
My apartment was pretty secure. Mostly underground and the windows were little lits that nothing could get through. Except maybe and animal. Was this affecting dogs and cats? Or was it just people?
I made my way to the top of the platform. It was abandoned.
One block...Just one block to the car. I could do this. I peered warily to the street. Again, empty.
Had people learned from the last time? Was everyone really staying in their homes and remaining calm?
I bolted out the door and up the street.
People hadn't been staying in their homes. There were bodies in the streets and signs of looting. I made it to the car without incident. I saw a few of the infected on the bridge above me. Fortunately, I went unnoticed. There were already sniper helicopters taking shots and the noise drowned out my footsteps.
Holy crap? What if they think I am infected? What if I get shot?

I made it to the car. I unlocked the door and started to climb in. The greek bakery I had parked by had the windows smashed. I paused for a moment.
I don't have any food in the house. There is no telling how long I'll have to stay bunkered down there...
I went into the bakery, grabbed a couple of bags and loaded it with croissants and muffins.
The occasional apocalypse was lousy if you were one of those Atkins freaks.
The meat counter in the back hadn't been touched. So, I loaded up on a variety of kabob meats.
If I could get some vegetables then I'd be doing pretty damn well.
I left a 20.00 on the counter. It was supposed to be my laundry money and it wasn't enough to cover the price of all I took but it was all I had and better then nothing.
This was just an apocalypse after all, no need to go all primal.

The rush home allowed me to mow down a couple of the infected. In hind sight I shouldn't have done it. The car was just a loaner after all. Then again, there was no promise that my mechanic would make it through this.
Home safe I took time to survey the street before making the run into my apartment.
Through the gate, the outer door, the inner door and then into my unit. I really didn't think a zombie would make it through all that.
I hung the fabric I had purchased to make temporary curtains. It needed to get done and it would help to block any signs of motion that might get their attention.

I settled in, drew myself a bath, heated a blueberry muffin and picked up a book.
If things went as usual all I have to do it make it through the night.
I caught the occasional signal to check my email and blogs. Several of my friends had posted they were safe. A few others made it known they were looking for loved ones and safe haven. Others....well, you lose people in these things. It happens. It is heartbreaking but it is the way of the world.

If we, as a people, as a species would stop fucking up the natural order of things then maybe, just maybe-
The natural order of things would stop fighting back.

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The train ride home was a battle.
I thought the woman was a fluke. I thought maybe I had been seeing things. She was just a homeless lady. Whatever I thought I saw on the back of her head...
The train car was empty until nearly the end of my route.
Then a guy came bursting through the connection doors. He was screaming about some crazy in the last car. He was clutching his neck and blood poured through his hand.
"That crazy bitch bit me! She just came up and bit me!"
That's when I saw them. Pushed against the windows and the connection door of the train.
Moaning, ragged, bleeding....and dead.

I knew how it was going to go. This wasn't my first apocalypse after all.
I looked at the man in the train car with me. I felt bad for him. He looked like he was a really nice guy.
"Open the window. How far are we from the platform? Maybe we can strand them in the tunnel."
He opened the window and stuck his head out.
"We're pretty close." He replied. "Maybe 100 yards and closing."
He didn't hear me walk up behind him. I grabbed the back of his shirt.
"Hey, back up a little. I need in! There's a wa....."
His body slumped to the floor as his head bounced down the track. I pulled the emergency break.
The train screeched to a halt. I pried the doors open and was just able to squeeze through onto the platform. Anything in the card behind me would have a hell of a time getting off that train.

Now I just needed a game plan to get through the street to my car.

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EGO magis diligo vobis quam totus astrum in divum

I stared up at the black of the sky and stared at the stars. They were so bright. Little pin pricks in black velvet with all the power of the suns shining through. It was amazing to think of what was going to come.
Then it started. The the first one. You may not have noticed if you weren't looking for it. But there is was.
Then one by one they all started for follow.
The stars were going black.
They were going away.
They were dying.
There were soft whispers at first. So many lying there watching the sky flicker away. Breathy comments of awe, amazement, sadness, nostalgia...
But as the stars faded so did the whispers. Everyone was running out of things so say. Nothing left to speculate on. The lights were going out.
There was a chill on the air. I nestled closer in his arms. I nuzzled my head onto his shoulder. He held me just a little tighter. I ran my hand up his chest and placed it over his heart. He reached up and took my hand and pressed it to his chest.
One by one.
Shining ember by ember.
The silence was deafening.
I cold feel his heart slowing.
His breaths falling farther apart.
There were only a few left.
"I will always love you." His words were barely audible.
The sky was black. No lights left. No stars.
My hand ran along the blanket in the area where he had been. My head now lying in the damp grass instead of on his shoulder.
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, bit my lip...I wiped the one tear from my cheek.
I stood and took a moment to look around the hillside. There were others there who were like me.
I gathered the blanket and walked away.
Leaving behind me the dead sky and all the others who had left their loves to the stars...

January 27th is the Fourth Annual

LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day!

Your normal life will be waiting for you when you get back. If you decide to come back.

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The rest of the team is gone. The last to go down was Sharks. And should have seen him. It was the kind of fight that legends are made from.
To bad there won't be anyone left to tell it.

I can't fight anymore. I am exhausted.
I know I promised to go until the bitter end.
I wanted to win this one for you baby.
All the science aside I was really doing it for you...for us.
I just wanted to come back and sleep in your arms one last time.
Take care of our girl. I put you both in the Safehouse days ago. You fought me on it but now you know why. I promised you it was for the best. Sorry about drugging you to do it.

I have crawled into an old elevator shaft. I can hear them in the car below. It won't be long before they figure out a way to climb up through the escape hatch and it will be over for me.

We never stood a chance. We waited too long. Too many "people in power" said we were nuts and refused to send support or funds much less alerts to the public.
I wonder how one of the Specimen will do in office.

I miss you baby. I fought as hard as I could for as long as I could. And I will go down fighting. I will take out as many of them as I can before the take me. If only I could see your eyes again. Kiss your lips. Hear her laugh. Stroke her head while she sleeps.

They are climbing!

I think they are about to.....

I lov...

[transmission interrupted]

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What were they thinking sending us in there?
It was a pure suicide mission.
We lost so many...I barely made it out alive.
I found Sharks, Patter, Davis and Gin. We are hold up in a vent shaft in the old warehouse.
They are getting smarter. I swear they knew we were coming. The are communicating somehow.
They are like terrorists. They have cells all over the place. The Nest we found before was small compared to this. We were told the room was clear but when we dropped in the ceiling we were surrounded by thousands of them.
Sharks things we should go back to the unit.
I think we were set up.
They eggheads told us it would be small.
I am beginning to think they knew better. We wanted to mobilize days ago. We suspected where some of the Nests were and we wanted to strike. They gave us some cock and bull line about wanting to make sure we knew we could have maximum destruction of the Specimen with minimum Innocent casualty. They go down so easy when you strike. Sure it takes head shots but it is almost like their skulls are rotten and soft like over-ripe melon. But, they have us in number and speed.

I don't know when I'll be able to transmit another update.
Please know we didn't think it was going to go this way.
Know that I love you. Take good care of her. She'll need you now.

Oh shit...I think they're...

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The eggheads were right about the nests.
They are gathering by the hundreds.
But for what?

I suppose raw numbers raw numbers tell us that the first strike went well. We did learn that they aren't as resilient as we first suspected. Sadly, we also learned they are allot faster than we thought they would be. The eggheads wanted us to bring back a specimen for study. They say it would have all the difference in the studies. Up until now it has all been controlled environments. We controlled the specimens before and after contamination. It made for more than a few mistakes on the strike.

Specimen?!? How the hell did they think we were going to being one of those things back? Ok, when we first went in we thought we could separate one or two of them from the mass and subdue it. Then...first blood. We didn't even see it coming when it took down Bagwell. It came out of nowhere and it was so fuckin' fast. Sharks was on it before it could do anymore damage in our ranks. Multiple rounds to the back of the head and it was pulp. Before this it was a little girl...maybe 10 or 11 years old....
Bagwell was a mess. She had bitten holes through his face, swallowed and eye, bitten straight through his skull...
It was my bullet that ended his misery.

I'll never forget the look in his eyes eye as he screamed in pain. He knew there was no way to save him and still he begged for his life. Well, begged as well as he could with the huge chunk taken out of his face...

Sharks had to pull me out of the daze of horror just as another one of the things was coming over the railing at me.

After the firestorm ended the lead team took a few minutes to survey the scene. We don't have an exact number of the Specimen we had taken down. Maybe the eggheads were right when they said we got overzealous. There was a great deal of...pulp...left. We know there were at least 200 of them And we got them all.

And to the ones we lost...Bagwell and 6 others...we'll win this war. Your deaths won't have been for naught....

There's the alarm. They've located another nest. Time to suit up again.
Maybe it is better I didn't even get a change to shower the gore off of me...


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