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Opening night went pretty well. Of course, I awoke Sat. morning feeling awful. Today I feel worse. But, it is nothing that rest and lots of fluids won't fix. We have 3 more shows and I want them to be stellar and fun and dynamic and so many other things. I am working with a great cast, we have a wonderful director and our AD is super dedicated so I think it will just keep getting better. I really hope I didn't get any of them sick.

Dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday...
So, my biggest wish is that I will feel better fast, do more great shows and have some amazing auditions in the interim so I am move right into the next project.
Since those things are really up to me here is a bit more of my birthday wish list which others can help me with since I don't have the means to do them for myself...

I have an Amazon list. It makes things easy. And don't forget that lots of the things you see there you can probably find cheaper on ebay or

A more specific list...some from the amazon list but I really really want them so I am pointing them out. Some of them aren't on amazon. I call it The Easy Dozen

1) Dead Sno  It is funny. It is gorey. It is Nazi Zombies.

2) Pontypool  It is creepy. It is gorey. It is the power of language.

3) Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and Android Karenina- They are from the same brilliant and twisted mind that brought you Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Do I need more of a reason?

4) I want to go Skydiving. In Atlanta maybe. I just want to go. It would be such a thrill and it would certainly count as something for my "Grand Adventure" goals.

5) Tickets to see EvelynEvelyn/ Amanda Palmer/ Jason Webley in Chicago. Sure, the event is long after my birthday but tickets are on sale now.  In that same light I would really like Deluxe Double Vinyl EvelynEvelyn set. Since I am one of the few people on the face of the earth who actually still has a working turn table it just makes sense.

6) An appointment for massage or acupuncture. This place is educational so they have rather inexpensive options.

7) Gift cards. Target, PetCo, Fandango/ Kersotes theater- there are tons of options. Target and Petco are more practical but I rarely get to go to the movies (and there are several out now I want to see) so that would be a wonderful little treat.

8) Tires for my car. What can I say, I need them. I can't afford them. They would mean safety for me and for others....

9) Headshot prints. I still really need to get back to the ATL to get together with [ profile] moonbird and/ or [ profile] smithrunt to get some color headshots taken. But, in the meantime I really really could use copies of my black and white ones.

10) Bath Bombs. One of the indulgences I like so much is quality time in a long hot bath. Lush Bath bombs make them so much more relaxing and delightful.

11) A telescopic shower head. I had one of these before and it was amazing. It is so much better than a normal fixed shower head. I just...yeah. It is a good thing.

12) These boots. Or one that look pretty much just like them. (black, lace up, low/ no heel, rounded toe...) Size 7. :-) It's spring. That means baggy dresses and boots. Or tank top, cargo pants and boots. These are the perfect boots.  (Speaking of that, [ profile] thefairygothmom, did you ever unsurface the post-surgery dresses you were working on for me when moved? If they are around I would still love them. :-)  )

So, there it is...
Now, my sickie self is back to bed.


Jul. 25th, 2007 04:29 pm
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Sent home from work early due to being sick.
Have to get better since I have a 12.5 hour day tomorrow.
Need 200.00 ASAP for flight to Con.
Later- post about people and maybe about T'fus.
For now...back to sleep.
Haven't read LJ since before the trip so if there is anything I need to know tell me now.
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I need more pillows. Lots more. I need a couple of body pillows. That would make for a happy Kitten.
Even though I don't have quite enough pillows I am hereby referring to my bed as "the nest". With all the kitties, the electric blanket (thanks mom!!!!) and the pillows I do have it is quite the cozy little home spot.

Other places in my Chicago life...
The Fishtank- The den of [ profile] cherrybomb70's and Mr. [ profile] cherrybomb70's house. They have a fantastic glass brick bar with a soft blue light in it. There is an ultra comfy couch and I LOVE sleeping there. It is very soothing. I need to get one of those rotating fish lights to add to my mermaid dreams while I am there.

Kedzie- That is just what I use when I am anywhere in my apt other than The Nest.

Monster Central- That's work. My chilly office for the Monster industries.

Yeah, can you tell I am really kind of stir crazy from the last 4 days in bed? A little time at the office before they send me home each day and then wonderful quality time on my bathroom floor just doesn't offer the feeling of being "out".


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