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Hi gang!

Wander over to my "fan" page and check out the discussions as I just made a long and drawn out post about wonderful places for you to shop for your holidays! I talk about more than a few of you so ya might want to give it a gander. :-)¬e_id=10150131668664606#!/topic.php?uid=139407262770284&topic=159

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Well, since Christmas has already begun puking all over the stores and fliers I thought I would share with all of you some of my favorite places to do holiday shopping.
The Rescue Site - This is an entrance to a collection of websites that help support Animal Rescue, Breast Cancer Research, Literacy, Saving the Rain Forrest, etc. The have some really great items and all of your purchases also donate food, money, vaccines, and so forth to very worthy causes.It is almost like double gifting. :-) They really do have some wonderful items. They also offer daily and weekly specials that are a complete steal. Their shipping is fast and reliable. Also, you should visit their sites for their "daily click" to help donate to these wonderful causes.

Enchanted Forest Crafts- Ok, sure, I am biased since these are made by the wonderful and amazing [ profile] ashesngolddust. But I mist say that I am a total snob when it comes to my skin. I am extremely picky about my lotions, soaps, bath balms etc. The stuff she makes is AMAZING!! It is all natural and cruelty free. In addition to the great blends she has in her catalog she also does custom blends so you can get pretty much anything you want. (I completely plan on getting her to do a set of my "custom scent" that everyone has complimented me on so much over the years. Maybe she'll even add it as a catalog standard.)

Lorigami's Stuff- Knitting, dolls, jewelry, etc. There really isn't much that she can't make. I personally have a scarf, sweater, and necklace from her. They are all so beautiful. I get so many compliments on my scarf. And the sweater is one of the most comfortable things I own. The necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I am completely craving the next Mina in the series. Everything she does is handmade so it is unique and one of a kind. A great deal of what she makes is done from antiques and recycles materials so it is also very environmentally friendly. Her creations are as diverse in aesthetic as they are in products so I'm confident that anyone will be able to find something they love here.

So, there you have top three shopping corners of the world. Look, spend, enjoy.


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