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Isi says, "Momma No! Light too Bright!!"

Isadora aka Isi (pronounced Izzy), Koala Kitty or Lemur Butt.
New newest addition to the feline family.
I came home from work one day and there was a little grey kitten on my patio. And by little I mean tiny. I put out some blankets and a little food and let it be. She sat outside and cried. And she was loud. And I am fairly certain it was non-stop. 3-4 days later I was at home with a migraine. I was nestled down in the living room with the lights off and the blinds drawn and was trying to enjoy the dark.
Suddenly, a harsh interruption broke into my quiet. The voices of two very young afro-american children...(to be read phonetically)
"Ohh! Look at dat cat!"
"Don you go on dat's lady's poach!"
"I wanna pet dat cat!"
*wahhhhh* I'm tellen' mama you hit me!"
"I done tole you not to go on day lady poach!"

So, to get rid of the children I let in the kitten. She was a tiny little ball of silvery grey with cute little dark eyes that are positively crossed.
She immediately took over. She laid claim to my lap and to Savini. She insisted on sleeping under my chin. I put out a few signs about "found cat" and got no reply. She was skinny and hungry and loud. She talked constantly. Mostly in little chirps and trills like a tribble. Unless she wanted attention and then she would cry. (Oh, and she always wanted attention.) After about a week I realized that she wasn't leaving. And this strange, demanding, quirky little cat was named for Isadora Duncan. This was in May of last year. I figure she was about 2 months old at that point.

She likes to have her back scratched right at the base of her tail and she'll sing little tribble songs for you. Well, until she gets tired of you doing it and then she'll attack. She likes to chase the monster under the covers. And I am fairly certain that she is the one who is hiding small piles of food under the blankets and pillows. I would like to think this is for me to eat in bed but I know it is more likely that she is still just a little feral and is afraid that if she doesn't stock pile food then she'll starve.

When she first showed up she still hadn't grown into her slightly ringed tail so I started calling her lemur butt. Her grandma thinks that her round little head and dark eyes make her look like a koala bear and she was also tagged with Koala-Kitty.

She sleep pressed up as close to my belly as she can get and she runs to the door and sings to me when I get home from work in the afternoons.
I think she knew exactly what she was doing and where she was going when she found her way to my patio. :-)
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I am part of a RagDoll rescue group. (The cats- not the toys) and this has come across the lists. There is just one leg of a transport to fill (From Manchester TN to Chattanooga TN) and in fact my parents are the ones taking the last two legs of the trip.
Can anyone out there help? If you can please email Linda Mercer at directly ASAP!!!!
All you have to do is pick up the kitties (already in their carriers) in Manchester and drive them to Chattanooga to meet (my parents) the next driver.
Then you can be all cool and tell people you are a Transporter. :-)

SUNDAY 2/11- JUST ONE TN LEG LEFT! Manchester to Chattanooga (Re:
Posted by: "Linda Mercer/Purebred Cat Breed Rescue"
Date: Wed Feb 7, 2007 9:31 pm ((PST))


There are JUST ONE LEG LEFT TO FILL! Please HELP!!! This is the leg
we need to fill:

Leg 11: Manchester, TN to Chattanooga, TN 69 miles 1 hr 15 mins
Start 5:45 pm NEED

**See times and all proposed legs of this transport below this message**

CFA Purebred Rescue, Inc is hoping to transport Siamese, Snowshoe
and Maine Coon cats from boarding with Dr Jane in Marshall, MO to
their rescue in Atlanta on Sunday 2/11. All cats are Spayed or
Neutered and UTD on FVRCP and Rabies. They will be traveling in their
own carriers with their health records.There will be a total of 6-8
cats and 8 carriers on this trip - if absolutely necessary, we may
reduce the number of cats and carriers depending on the available
space in transporter vehicles. PLEASE HELP!

If you can help, please contact me directly by changing the subject
line of this message to: "KY/IL TRANSPORT HELP 2/11" and replying
privately - NOT on list - OR by calling me toll free at 888-303-9454.
I don't want to miss an offer!

If you cannot transport, PLEASE help by telling others about this
plea to help us find transporters!



SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 11th, 2007


Marshall Vet Clinic
1845 West Arrow
Marshall, MO
Contact: Dr. Jane Waller
Phone: 1-660-886-2231 - office

Atlanta Persian & Siamese Rescue, Inc - Cheryl Darity
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Cell Phone: 404-272-8962
Shelter Phone: 770-694-6275

Linda Pollack Mercer, M.D.
President & Rescue Coordinator
CFA Purebred Rescue, Inc.,
<> (501c3)
D/B/A Purebred Cat Breed Rescue,
Phone (rescue emergencies only please): (888) 303-9454 [toll free]

BREED: 6-8 cats - Siamese, Snowshoe, and one Tailless Maine Coon
GENDER: Males and Females
Medical records will travel with the cat
CARRIER: Carriers will be provided

SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 11th, 2007

Sunday February 11th

Leg 1: Marshall, MO to Columbia, MO 67 miles 1 hr Start 7:00
am Filled! Thank you, Wilma!

Leg 2: Columbia, MO to Warrenton, MO 69 miles 1 hr Start 8:00
am Filled! Thank you, Wilma!

Leg 3: Warrenton, MO to St Louis, MO 50 miles 1 hr Start 9:00 am
Filled! Thank you, Michelle!

Leg 4: St Louis, MO to MT Vernan, IL 79 miles 1 hr 30 mins Start
10:00am Filled! Thank you, Tonya!

Leg 5: Mt Vernon, IL to West Frankfort, IL 45 miles 1 hr
Start 11:30 am Filled! Thank you, Tonya!

Leg 6: West Frankfort, IL to Paducah, KY 58 miles 1 hr Start 12:30
pm Filled! Thank you, Del!

Leg 7: Paducah, KY to Cadiz, KY 52 miles 1 hr Start 1:30
pm Filled! Thank you, Del!

Leg 8: Cadiz, KY Clarksville, TN 45 miles 1 hr Start 2:30
PM Filled! Thank you, Amy!

Leg 9: Clarksville, TN to Nashville, TN 47 miles 1 hr Start 3:30
pm Filled! Thank you, Gina!

Leg 10: Nashville, TN to Manchester, TN 65 miles 1 hr 15 mins Start
4:30 pm Filled! Thank you, Cathy!

Leg 11: Manchester, TN to Chattanooga, TN 69 miles 1 hr 15 mins
Start 5:45 pm NEED

Leg 12: Chattanooga, TN to Adairsville, GA 60 miles 1 hr Start 6:45
pm Filled! Thank you, Sharon!

Leg 13: Adairsville, GA to Atlanta, GA 60 miles 1 hr Start 7:45
pm Filled! Thank you, Sharon!
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Savini Loves His Mommy...

Ok. it is a horrible picture of me but it is the perfect image of my boy.
Savini...aka BoyBoy or The Man of the House.

Savini was my supposed birthday present from [ profile] initiate in 2002. The truth of the matter is that [ profile] jolefay did all the work so I consider him a gift from her. (She also gave me the Lilith Living Dead Doll that year.) Savini was another rescue. Someone had posed in ljatlanta that they had taken in a stray kitten because the momma cat had died in their neighborhood recently. So, after [ profile] jolefay put us in touch I went over to meet the sweet little caramel colored baby. Then I was told the story. The garbage truck came in the morning. The apartment wasn't far from the area where the large dumpsters were. They heard the truck come. pick up the dumpsters in their large lifty things, dump them one by one and then drive away. A few minutes later they heard a horrible noise. They described it as "someone murdering a child". Upon investigation they found a cat half trapped under one of the large, heavy, metal dumpsters. By the cats head was a small kitten. Mercifully the put the momma cat out of her misery and took the sickly, flea ridden kitten inside. They bottle fed the baby and about two weeks later is when they found me.

Savini was taken home and he immediately took over. He was rambunctious and he terrorized the other cats. Neko and Lugosi (Still very much kittens in their own rights) loved it. All the boys bonded and the played constantly. Savini was quite the little monster...hence- the Naming of him after one of my idols- Tom Savini. (The girls were a little less than thrilled with the playful little boy in the house.)

Savini has all the typical, wonderful traits of most orange tabby cats. He is friendly, cuddly, curious and fat. He loves to lay on my chest to sleep. (This was great when he was a kitten but now that he weighs about 15lbs it is a little more of a challenge.) He sleeps in the crook of my arm with his head on my shoulder. He stands up on his back legs and stretches his hands up to asked to be picked up. He loves to be carried around on my hip like a toddler while I cook, do laundry and other household tasks. He has taken Mussolini's place as "Your Head Counselor her at Camp Kitty Fun".

Savini wants to know what is in your mouth. Always. When he meets you he is likely to demand to be picked up and then sniff at your lips until you open your mouth and let him look inside. Then he's done and will leave you alone. Once a cable repair guy came to the house and was on the floor working on stuff on the floor. Savini kept getting in his face and trying to look in his mouth. I told the guy just to open his mouth and let Savini look. He didn't. Savini shoved himself between the guy and the wall, sat up on his fat butt, put one paw on the guys chest and with the other paw proceeded to pull at the guys chin (no claws, just paw) to open his mouth. The guy finally gave in and opened his mouth. Savini sniffed at it and then was apparently satisfied and left. *g* My boy is determined.

He still loves to play. One of his favorite games with new people (guys anyway) is to offer up his belly for tickling. When they fall for it he attacks them. Hampton fell for this one allot. He always thought he could win....he was wrong. Savini always won. *evil grin* (Despite this he was still Hampton's favorite. )
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The Mystical Miss Tikki is prepared to grant you one wish...

This is Tikki. Full name Rikki Tikki Tavi. aka Miss Tikki, Tikkibug and Tikki-Wu.
Tikki is first generation domesticated. She reached optimum cute size and stopped growing. Tikki was acquired in the few short months that Paul and I were separated in the spring of 1995. Yes, that precious baby is almost 12 years old and only about 6lbs and smaller than Isi who isn't even a year old yet. I was working at the Emory Animal Clinic. We had a client who realized that she had several feral cats living in the woods near her house. She was slowly trapping them all and bringing them in for vaccines and to get fixed. She brought one in that was already pregnant. She opted not to terminate the pregnancy and instead shut the pregnant, feral cat up in her garage to await the birth of the kittens. The cat HATED this. She would climb the shelves in the garages and jump on the people's heads and attack them viciously when they tried to go in there.

When the cat went into labor the client called us. Of course we told her to just let nature do its thing...and it did. About two weeks later she called and asked if we could take mommy and kittens in and board them until they were weaned and we could fix mommy and place kittens. It seemed that having the kittens there made mommy cat even crazier and she was destroying the garage and the people. One of our techs went to her home and failed miserably in retrieving the felines. A few days later I went. I sat on the floor in the garage. The mommy cat hissed and fussed and yowled. Then, she got quiet. She looked at me for a bit. Then, she chirped, walked circles around me and showed me the kittens. *beam*

Mommy and kittens were loaded into my car and taken to the office. A couple of weeks later all kittens were placed except one. This one kept getting out of her kennel although we had no idea how. Everytime she would get out she would hide at the front desk where I worked either behind the printer cabinet or the patient files. Then she started sleeping on my bag that I kept under the desk. So, one day bag and kitten went home with me.
Her favorite toy was a little rubber snake. She would stand up on her hind legs as tall as she could- weave around for a bit- and then pounce and kill. So, she was named for the famous literary mongoose.

After Paul and I got back together we lived in a shitty little duplex in Grant Park which had a large dirt basement. The basement was rife with cave crickets. Tikki became the great white (well, tuxedo-ed) hunter of these things. She was only about 4 months old at this point and some of these things were bigger than her head. This did not stop her from catching them and bringing them inside(with their frantic legs flailing out of her mouth) to torture and kill them.

She is still a tiny precious baby.She still likes to find caves and hide. She is still very skittish but when she decides that she wants affection she will come and demand it from you. And once she has warmed up to you her favorite thing is to curl in your lap in a tiny ball and nap and trill. But, for the most part, if she doesn't know you then the most you will see of her is her brilliant green eyes glaring at you from around a dark corner. (I always figure she is the most like her mommy...her flesh mommy that is.)
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I spend a great deal of time talking about my kids but I haven't really shared them with you specifically. So, one post at a time the story of my babies. (I apologize for the crappy pics but the are mostly taken with a cell phone...)

This is Marissa. Also know as Rissa-Kitty, Fuzzy Lumpkin, Woola-Butt.
Marissa is the sweetest fuzzy in the world. She came into my life in early 1993. Yes, she is almost 15 years old.
Paul's truck had broken down. The timing chain had broken. A tow truck passes us on the side of the road and took pity. They towed the truck, fixed the timing chain and let us pay them off slowly. When we went to make the last payment I was talking to the mechanic's wife and quite naturally said, "If there is anything we can ever do for you please just ask..."
She replied in a thick southern drawl, "Take a cat."
*blink* "Pardon?"
She points down to a cardboard box to the side of the porch in which there was a large spotted fuzzy thing and several small spotted fuzzy things. She grabbed one of the smaller fuzzy things and thrust it into my hands.
It looked up with me with these beautifully painted gold green eyes and blinked at me.
So, we all got back into the truck and got ready to leave.
When Paul cranked the (rather loud) engine of the white ranger she panicked. She launched off of the back seat of the truck and into the windshield knocking her self out cold for a few seconds.

Marissa doesn't quite understand nuzzling. It is more like she comes up and head butts you. She has wide paws like a mountain lion. She is also a fierce hunter...or she used to be. For a time Paul and I had our 4 adult cats and two litters of kittens. Marissa liked to go into the woods that surrounded our zombie-proof home and kill things to being home to feed everyone. And to be fair, if I was a bit more of a "rustic chef" her kills could have fed all of us. (I hear raccoon is actually tasty.) She birthed two kittens, Bumbles and Mussolini. Bumbles was hit by a car one night. Mussolini lived several more years to be killed by a blood clot in his heart and his cremains are on my shelf.

Marissa still plays like a kitten from time to time. But, her favorite thing is to find a pile of pillow or blankets like a princess and nap. She has this gravely pterodactyl like meow which she really only voices when she wants her canned food or is demanding love. (The latter is also accompanied by the head butting.)

Paul often said that Marissa had a magical quality and that he thinks she will out live him. Both things are probably true.

Unrelated- I crave dip. Not like chewing tobacco. But like something in a cream cheese or sour cream base to eat with some chips. Maybe a seafood dip...Ah, my fallen dreams of a superbowl party...
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I cannot thank you all enough.
To everyone who replied to this post in regards to my cries for help in dealing with my roommates three cats.
Thank you all for the donations, the support and the advice. It all helped more than you can imagine.
I am taking the first cat in today (in about two hours actually) and will schedule the second (and maybe the third) for their appointments. I expect to take them in next week. Thanks to all of you I only have to come up with another 30.00 and they will all be taken care of for getting their full set of vaccines and being spayed.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All of your kind and supportive words also have helped me to keep my head and not kill my roommate. You helped keep mo focused on doing what was good for the cats and not worrying about what was bad for my roomie. These are very sweet babies and they deserve to be taken care of.

There really are not words to express how grateful I am to all of you.
And the kitties are grateful too. (Chaplin, Kyra and Sydney for the record.)
And my kitty family thanks you was well. They will now have a little peace. (Marissa, Tikki, Savini and Issi- all fixed and vaccinated by the by.)

Every now and then something wonderful happens to remind you that there is so much good left in the world. All that you all have done for the kitties and I in this matter have been one of those things for me.

Thank you....
A millions times and a million times again...thank you.
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I really hate to do this but...
In a rare public post I need to beg.
I need help.
I have recently moved to Chicago and I have a roommate.
The roommate has 3 female cats.
None of them has been spayed.
This needs to happen with a quickness. Sadly, I am not working as yet and can't afford to do it on my own.
PAWS Chicago will spay and vaccinate the cats for 68.00 each. (That is the cheapest I can find.)
So, I am asking for donations. Even if it is just 5 or 10.00 any little bit will help.

One of his cats is already deeply in heat and spends all of her time yowling. Due to this she gets yelled at and shut up alone in the bedroom for hours on end. When she get too noisy being alone in there he goes in and stomps at her until she gets scared under the bed and is quiet for a while. It is also causing tension with my cats as I have a boy cat (yes, he is vaccinated and neutered) and she keeps getting in his face. She he hisses or swats at her the roommate yells at him. (This causes tension between the people.)

He isn't a bad person or even a bad pet owner.
There is just this thing.

Please, if you can help I would be forever appreciative.
It will help your karma.
It might keep me from going to jail for killing my roommate.
Donations can be made via pay pal to kitten at mindspring dot com.

Again, I really hate to ask but the cat is suffering. The other two are starting to show signs of being in heat as well.
Please...please help....

Thank you for listening.


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