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My birthday is in a week. I have the week of my birthday off as "vacation time". I did have all these grand plans for a dinner or two, a day of beauty, an evening with the NeoFuturists... Sadly, having missed over a week of work to deal with the first stages of Mom's death all the money squirreled away for those things has to go to other bills. But, all things considered, I really need to celebrate.

Thanks to the wonderful and amazing Crazy Larry I still get to do one of the the things I had planned-
Now be careful- there are 2 Zombie Pub Crawls that day. Scroll down to the information about Weird Chicago's 3 Rings of Horror.
You have to sign up in advance and you can get the tickets here. Again, scroll down to the 3 Rings of Horror and not the regular tour. (Although the tour is definitely worth attending.) It is only 15.00 and this gets you a ride from bar to bar as well as drink specials, movies, Misfits Cover band and a ton of other fun stuff.

And you should join me. I mean, it's Saturday Night Zombie Goodness. Do you really have anything better to do?

I'll post a wish list later. Or you can just click on the link for my Amazon Wish list that is in the sidebar of my LJ...
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I searched the train platform for anything that could be a weapon. It didn't have to be great. Zombies were slow. The only advantage they would have is resilience and numbers.
A garbage can lid and a piece of rebar from the recent construction and I was set.
If I could make it to the car and then make it home.
My apartment was pretty secure. Mostly underground and the windows were little lits that nothing could get through. Except maybe and animal. Was this affecting dogs and cats? Or was it just people?
I made my way to the top of the platform. It was abandoned.
One block...Just one block to the car. I could do this. I peered warily to the street. Again, empty.
Had people learned from the last time? Was everyone really staying in their homes and remaining calm?
I bolted out the door and up the street.
People hadn't been staying in their homes. There were bodies in the streets and signs of looting. I made it to the car without incident. I saw a few of the infected on the bridge above me. Fortunately, I went unnoticed. There were already sniper helicopters taking shots and the noise drowned out my footsteps.
Holy crap? What if they think I am infected? What if I get shot?

I made it to the car. I unlocked the door and started to climb in. The greek bakery I had parked by had the windows smashed. I paused for a moment.
I don't have any food in the house. There is no telling how long I'll have to stay bunkered down there...
I went into the bakery, grabbed a couple of bags and loaded it with croissants and muffins.
The occasional apocalypse was lousy if you were one of those Atkins freaks.
The meat counter in the back hadn't been touched. So, I loaded up on a variety of kabob meats.
If I could get some vegetables then I'd be doing pretty damn well.
I left a 20.00 on the counter. It was supposed to be my laundry money and it wasn't enough to cover the price of all I took but it was all I had and better then nothing.
This was just an apocalypse after all, no need to go all primal.

The rush home allowed me to mow down a couple of the infected. In hind sight I shouldn't have done it. The car was just a loaner after all. Then again, there was no promise that my mechanic would make it through this.
Home safe I took time to survey the street before making the run into my apartment.
Through the gate, the outer door, the inner door and then into my unit. I really didn't think a zombie would make it through all that.
I hung the fabric I had purchased to make temporary curtains. It needed to get done and it would help to block any signs of motion that might get their attention.

I settled in, drew myself a bath, heated a blueberry muffin and picked up a book.
If things went as usual all I have to do it make it through the night.
I caught the occasional signal to check my email and blogs. Several of my friends had posted they were safe. A few others made it known they were looking for loved ones and safe haven. Others....well, you lose people in these things. It happens. It is heartbreaking but it is the way of the world.

If we, as a people, as a species would stop fucking up the natural order of things then maybe, just maybe-
The natural order of things would stop fighting back.

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The train ride home was a battle.
I thought the woman was a fluke. I thought maybe I had been seeing things. She was just a homeless lady. Whatever I thought I saw on the back of her head...
The train car was empty until nearly the end of my route.
Then a guy came bursting through the connection doors. He was screaming about some crazy in the last car. He was clutching his neck and blood poured through his hand.
"That crazy bitch bit me! She just came up and bit me!"
That's when I saw them. Pushed against the windows and the connection door of the train.
Moaning, ragged, bleeding....and dead.

I knew how it was going to go. This wasn't my first apocalypse after all.
I looked at the man in the train car with me. I felt bad for him. He looked like he was a really nice guy.
"Open the window. How far are we from the platform? Maybe we can strand them in the tunnel."
He opened the window and stuck his head out.
"We're pretty close." He replied. "Maybe 100 yards and closing."
He didn't hear me walk up behind him. I grabbed the back of his shirt.
"Hey, back up a little. I need in! There's a wa....."
His body slumped to the floor as his head bounced down the track. I pulled the emergency break.
The train screeched to a halt. I pried the doors open and was just able to squeeze through onto the platform. Anything in the card behind me would have a hell of a time getting off that train.

Now I just needed a game plan to get through the street to my car.

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I caught the train and made my way over to Malcolm X College to meet some people for an audition. The weather was beautiful but there is a storm brewing.
Little did I know how portentous those rolling clouds would be.
I had never seen a campus so empty. It was creepy but I thought, "Hey, summer session", right? There were only a couple of us at the audition and the directors kept talking about a few more who were supposed to join us. One of the guys made the comment, "Maybe the zombies got them."
I laughed and the director looked at me like I was the devil.

After the audition I made my way back to the train and didn't see a soul. The train rolled in and as I boarded a girl shambled past and ran into me.
"Fuckin' homeless." I muttered as the her rank stench reached my nose.
I turned to demand an apology when I saw the gaping hole in the back of her head.
"What the hell? Lady, are you ok?"
She turned to me with a dazed look in her eye. And I say eye, singular, as the other socket was a squirming mass of maggots and worms.
She let out a strange gargle and lunged. I hit her in the head with my umbrella and pushed her back onto the platform. Luckily, the doors closed and the trained pulled away before she could come at me again.
I stared out the window as her body buffeted off the side of the train and then fell to the tracks below....


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