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Ok, you all know that is is rare for me to take the time/ energy to promote a product/ band/ movie/ etc. So, when I am willing to take that time you know that I was truly and deeply impressed and you should all rush to your computers/ theaters/ music venues/ etc to learn more so you too can be filled with joy and awe.

This time around I must shout the praises of John McLaughlin and the Rouges.

On Sunday I made jaunt a to Madison, Wi. to catch up with some friends and revel in the creative brilliance that is Hellblinki Sextet. Little did I know that I would be completely blown away but the opening band: John McLaughlin and the Rouges.

Zoot Suits and an Upright Bass were my first clue that I was going to like them. Add to that a sound that is a brilliant line between old jazz and early swing with just a touch of gravel and soul and I am in love.
The band has a couple of covers, like Minnie the Moocher set to traditional New Orleans Funeral March and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah which they somehow manage to make even darker and more romantic. But most of the material was original with themes of the dark and fanciful. And, further testament to the genius of the performance is the vocal stylings presented through a mic with the nostalgic look and sound of the 1930's/ 40's Carbon Mics. (And this is a mic that I understand McLaughlin made himself. Yeah, I knew you'd be impressed.)
Billing themselves as "Eerie Americana" their music is perfect for the set up pieces when a Radio Theater Company does a true revival of The Shadow. I also fully anticipate every burlesque performer in the country to be scrabbling to commission the band for rights to use in performances.

They have a CD release party in Milwaukee Jun 4th and if you can make it out you certainly should. It is a show you won't want to miss.

And a note to my promoter/ booking agent friends: You will want to get your hands on this band before they are too popular to afford.


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