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I sipped a cup of tea while I watched the sun rise on this Veteran's Day.
I thought about my Father. He doesn't talk much about his time in the Navy. It was not a place he went out of a sense of pride or obligation. He went because it was the law. But, while he was there it was his job. And, as in all things, he did his job to the best of his ability.
I sipped my tea and I thought of an old high school friend who went into the Army. He went in as a robust, bright eyed young man. He came out in a few pieces in bag.
I sipped my tea and I thought of so many of my other friends and associates who have spent time in the various branches of the armed forces. Some of them saw "action" while other did not. Some of them wear the history as a badge of growth and pride. Some are less proud.
I thought of many friends and associates currently serving and how I watch the news for updates on event and how I wait eagerly for their next emails and journal posts to see what new tings they are learning and to make sure they are still ok.
I sipped my tea and I thought of one of my newer, yet closer friends who will be off to the Air Force shortly. I thought of the conversations we have had and his mix of pride, enthusiasm, doubt and fear. I thought of that odd cold pit I get in my stomach when I think of the darker side of what may happen for him. I thought more of the wonderful opportunities that will await him for making this leap.
I sipped my tea and said a prayer and thought of all of it...good and bad...hopeful and desolate...gained and lost.
And I thank them for stepping up, standing strong, and doing the things that allow me
to sip my tea,
watch the sunrise
and think.

Thank you Veterans.
All of you.
For all you have done.
For all that you do.
And for all that will come.

There will always be a candle lit to guide you home.

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Jan. 3rd, 2006 02:21 am
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I really hate doing these surveys. But I like that I am working and should be making some money off it soon.
So, as I try to plug through these things I am giving myself little rewards. Finished getting everything compiled and I got a glass of ginger ale. I entered for a solid hour and I got to eat some rice. Entered for another hour and now I get to talk to all of you. Nice isn't it?

So, let's have a shout out. Who out there is still reading these mad musings? I mean, I get regular input from a few of you. But really let's play:
Who are you and why are you here? :-)

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