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I'll be your babe behind the bar and I need money to move to Chicago so come out and tip me well...

Remember it is $3 off BEFORE midnight, so come early!!

Friday December 22 @

10pm - 6am
18 to enter, 21 to imbibe (ID required)
$10 in dark goth/fetish/cyber/drag (typical fetish night) or xmas
$15 otherwise.
Additional $3 off before midnight!
BYO with sponsored beverages, mixers and snacks.
XXX-mas Performances.
Dungeon open for play.
DJs: Allen Allert, Flynt, Synthetik and more TBA.

This is a dark erotic Christmas event so we want to see naughty
Santa, dark elves, perverted reindeer and abominable snowmen out for
this party!

This event is co-hosted by Allen Allert, Eros Society, Exile, HeXxt, Phobia
and Ritual.

More details posted on the Eros Society site.
see everyone tomorrow night
happy winter solstice!
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So the holiday of feasting arrives.
You are stressed about food, family, waistlines, deadline.
And you are thinking, "After Thursday passes what will I do? I know I am going to be fill to to the brim with stress and tryptophan. How will I find release?"

You'll find it at your home away from home.
Spring4th for Eros Society Spanksgiving!!!!!
(I'll be your bootilicious babe behind the bar.)

Spanksgiving 2006
Friday Nov 24th & Saturday Nov 25th

Two days of Pervy fun is almost upon us!!!! This month the Eros
Society is planning a two-day event for our annual Spanksgiving
weekend, Nov 24 & 25. There will be play space with dungeon equipment,
vendors and DJs (provided by HeXxt) for both nights. We also have
plenty of performances planned by several local fetish groups groups
such as Agoraphobia, Eros Society, Frolicon, HeXxt, Secretroom,
Whippersnappers for the entire weekend.

There are three events rolled into the weekend. The first is a Friday
night play party. The second part of the weekend is a full day of
kinky classes on Saturday covering a wide variety of topics (see
below). The third part is another play party Saturday night featuring
performances from other local fetish groups.

Here's our lineup

Friday Nov 24 - Party, 10pm - 5am+:
This will be an open play/social night so come out and party with us
all night long. It's a BYO event with mixers and munchies provided
along with sponsored beverages provided by and . This will
be a low key chill event giving people a warm up for the weekends
activities. The dungeon will be available and it should be a fun
18+, 21 to imbibe, $12, goth/fetish/etc. dress code

Saturday Nov 25 Classes 2pm - 10pm:
Classes start at 2 and will be in this order:
Advanced Spanking with Dave (StrictOTK)
Bodypunching with Redwitch
Flogging 101 & 102 with Drac
Blood Play (needles and cutting) with Snow and Guita
Shibari with Ozgolith
Fetish Photography with Elvis~ this is a special class, this class will begin at 1 and go until 8.

The day of classes will be free for those who have preregistered for
both Friday and Saturday night. If you wish to only attend the classes
the cost will be $15. If you wish to only attend on Saturday (classes and the evening) the cost is $25 online or at the door.

Saturday Nov 25 - Play Party, 10pm - 6am+:
Saturday night will be our monthly Eros Society play/social party but
this time it will be open for non-members as well so this time feel
free to invite others out for the event. There is no specific theme
for this event to make it easy for everyone but please dress to
impress! This event will be packed with performances.
18+, 21 to inbibe, $15, goth/fetish/etc. dress code

If you would like to pre-reg for the entire weekend, we are offering
an online rate of $30. This includes Friday nights event, Saturday's
classes, and Saturday nights event. Our PayPal address is

More to come! Visit for further information.

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Presales have closed butu can still come. Based on last party I suggest you arrive before midnight if you are planning on buying at the door.

We are going all out with new decor and the tea tent in the back will be in full force with free tea and late nights snacks as well as a chill area. BYOB alcohol/ energy drinks/ what ever with myself to serve and protect your liquor.

Blue Spectral Monkey from Asheville is again in charge of the inner chill and we cannot forget the insaneness Shapestatic is gonna bring to the main floor.

Click here for more details

Looking forward to seeing you all.


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