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So, here it is now.
Post 2,500.
I lie in my bed with four wonderful kitties and my new good friend- 4:00a.m.
I look at this little milestone and I think about how much I have been through, changed, experienced in these last 2,500 posts.
So much life lived. Loves found and lost. Lights lit, extinguished and lit again.
This has been a very powerful tool for me from time to time.
It has been my companion, my friend, my therapy, my entertainment, my connection.
I have found so many wonderful people through this. People that are important to my life, mind and heart that would never be here if it weren't for this silly little journal.
What started as a joke and a dare has become a very important piece of how I navigate life.

2,500 posts.
This, of course, doesn't count posts in communities and things I deleted.
Just things here.

My health has taken turns which force me to be more of a homebody than I am normally.
The internet and this journal have become even more important to my well-being and contact with the outside world.

But none of it would mean anything...be anything if it weren't for my readers.
So, in a rare act I make this a public post.
I want to hank you all for being here.
I want to thank you for the time with your eyeballs and your minds.
I want to thank you for your input and thoughts.
I want to thank you for your advice, jokes, sympathy, empathy, memes, polls, quizzes, virtual hugs, kicks in the ass and so so much more.
Thank you for being here with me.
Lying in this bed with my four wonderful kitties and my new good friend 4:00 a.m.
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I used the think the key to successful relationship was about sharing life goals and dreams and stuff like that. On kind of bad days I simply explain it as finding someone whose level of crazy/stupid doesn't exceed your level of tolerance.

Well, all that has changed. While pondering a late night conversation with [livejournal.com profile] jolefay I had an epiphany. The secret to a successful relationship...

Brace yourselves...

It is all about baggage.
That's right, baggage. We all have it. Some more than others but, we all have it. She secret is finding someone whose emotional luggage matches yours.

See, if you are the highly organized leather benneton type then you will never be happy with someone who is still just throwing stuff into a fourth hand army duffel and vice versa. You luggage just doesn't match.

Oh, and if you are trying to hook up with one of those people with the faux-embroidered floral print stuff, give up now. Nothing goes with that crap.

*between this and the easter chicken...i feel brilliant...*


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